Introduction to Instant and Inclusive Payments

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Introduction to Instant and Inclusive Payments


Introduction to Instant and Inclusive Payments is a self-paced course designed to prepare students with basic foundational knowledge in Instant and Inclusive Payments Systems (IIPS). It is also a tool that can be used to prepare the IIPS Foundations Exam.

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As a student, you will be free to work through the course materials (comprising videos and texts) at your own pace. You will be presented with “Test yourself” questions in each lesson that will allow you to test your own understanding of the material. At the end of each module you will find an “Exam preparation quiz”. These quizzes mimic the structure and approach of the Foundations Exam and give you a chance to practice answering similar questions on the content. The Foundations Exam certifies a basic level of knowledge of IIPS and allows you to access advanced courses on specialized topics in IIPS. This course is designed to prepare you to take and pass the Foundations Exam.

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