Drive the development of instant and inclusive payment systems and help change your country’s financial landscape.

The Instant and Inclusive Payment Systems (IIPS) Programme

The IIPS programme was designed to create an immersive learning experience and positions our students at the vanguard of reshaping payment systems for a more inclusive and efficient financial future! Our certification provides a comprehensive understanding of instant payment systems, cultivating expertise in inclusive financial ecosystems. Students start their journey with the introduction course, which we offer FREE of charge, thereafter they proceed to more in-depth courses. Following the in-depth courses, student may select a specialisation in either or both Regulation and/or Technology. This exciting journey ends with the Capstone Seminar where students will gain more practical insights.


Accelerate your career trajectory with our Instant and Inclusive Payment Systems programme, designed  and developed by leading expert to equip you with the essential skills demanded by today’s financial landscape. Stay ahead of industry trends, enhance your global employability, and future-proof your career with expert-led content, hands-on learning, and networking opportunities. The IIPS programme explores a wide range of topics such as interoperability, market readiness, regulatory landscape, scheme and switch operations, solution design and more!


The IIPS Foundations Certificate is awarded to students who pass the Introduction to Instant and Inclusive Payments course which covers basic concepts and terminology used in IIPS implementation. Student who have completed the IIPS programme will be awarded the programme completion certificate.