Israt Jahan

Joint Director, Bangladesh Bank (The Central Bank of Bangladesh)

Currently, I am working in the Accounts and Budgeting Department (A&BD) of Bangladesh Bank as a Joint Director. The objectives of the Accounts and Budgeting Department are to provide information on the financial position, performance and changes in the financial position of Bangladesh Bank. To maintain an international standard, all financial statements are prepared in accordance with IAS & IFRS by the department. A&BD is providing relevant, reliable, and accurate financial information about Bangladesh Bank to the concerned authorities. The department captures all financial information from other departments/ branch offices of Bangladesh Bank and takes necessary action to keep and process this information properly for financial reporting. Particularly the department is responsible to maintain Government accounts, Bangladesh Bank’s own account, operating the back office of the dealing room, preparing the daily statement of FX reserve position, dealing with all activities relating to the budget of Bangladesh Bank & ensuring budgetary control.