Mohammad Tareq Kibria

Joint Director, Bangladesh Bank (The Central Bank of Bangladesh)

I working in the Foreign exchange Policy Department (FEPD) of Bangladesh Bank. The FEPD is responsible for formulating and implementing policies related to foreign exchange and makes institutional arrangements for receipts and payments and settlements with the external world in terms of the authority vested in Bangladesh Bank by the Foreign Exchange Regulation (FER) Act. 1947.

My department’s role is as under:

  • It sets the criteria and conditions for holding and dealing in foreign exchange by resident entities and issues licenses to Authorised Dealers and Money Changers.
  • It sets supervisory and monitoring guidelines for offsite and onsite supervision of foreign exchange transactions and formulates & implements instructions regulating inflows and outflows on external settlements in both the current and capital accounts, including external borrowings and amortization payments.
  • It formulates policies and makes institutional arrangements in regard to exchange rates.
  • It maintains liaison between the Bangladesh Government and foreign bilateral/multilateral agencies on the issues of
    (I) external trade
    (II) receipt and utilization of official grants/Loans
    (III) private inflows of remittances, etc.