Muhammad Redwanul Haq

Former Head of B2B product development and innovation at Grameenphone Ltd.

I had the opportunity to become one of the first Telco professionals to introduce MFS Service in Bangladesh back in 2008 under Grameenphone Ltd., the largest telco in Bangladesh. After starting the journey with small scale utility payments in the telco retailer SIM-toolkit, we later introduced a USSD based separate closed-loop MFS platform. Being responsible for both Service planning and technical operation of this MFS brand, I was involved in different stages like customer journey mapping, technical flow design, internal & external system integration, and even low-level coding and O&M.

In a further stage of my career, though I wasn’t directly involved with the fintech venture, my wholesale product and pre-sales centric role really allowed me to interact with many MFS and banking industries to support them in their customer acquisition and retention journeys through innovative telco & non-telco-based solutions. I also had the opportunity to witness the day-to-day business process of a renowned microfinance organization & suggest ways for better efficiency and manageability.

Overall, I can summarize my career as a Techno-Commercial professional with 14 years of experience in different domains of the Telco & IT sectors with a passion for exploring a career in the fintech industry.