Yassin Ali

Agent Network Manager at Rays Microfinance Institution

Yassin formerly held the position of CICO agent network manager at Sahay mobile money and is currently adding his value to Rays microfinance institution in Ethiopia. Yassin is a Finance and Economic analyst and very well skilled in computer science. Mobile money professional who have worked within portfolio management in the financial market of Saudi Arabia. Having more than 3 years’ experience in mobile money, Yassin worked within several areas of payments including CICO agent Network manager, distributors manager and customer support.

Yassin have been awarded many certificates including:
• Instant and Inclusive Payment Systems program with Digital Frontiers Institute
• Certificate in Digital Money with Digital Frontiers Institute
• Agent Networks at the Last Mile with Digital Frontiers Institute
• Leadership(coosta)
• Big four accounting firms
• Data analyzes(SPSS)
• Quality principles for Entrepreneurship