Designing and Deploying Technology for IIP Systems*

IIPS Programme

Designing and Deploying Technology for IIP Systems


A 6-week, 9-module online course. This is a paced course, which is offered twice a year. It is one of three specialized streams leading to IIPS Certification.

Start Date

11 July 2024


6 weeks


Online, in our digital classroom

This course aims to equip technology specialists on IIP design solution teams with the knowledge to answer these questions:

  • How should I approach an IIPS Technology Program?
  • What are the Building Blocks of IIPS Solutions?
  • How do I ensure my IIPS Solution design covers all the bases? 
  • What can I do to ‘future proof’ my IIPS Solution?
  • What Deployment Architecture would best service my IIPS?
  • How do I ensure constant alignment of the Technology domain to Business?
  • How should I approach the build out of my IIPS solution?
  • What are the Launch Readiness steps I should follow?
  • How do I cater to, continuous improvement?

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