Launching and Operating IIP Systems*

IIPS Programme

Launching and Operating IIP Systems


A 6-week, 3-module online course. This is a paced course, which is offered twice a year. It is one of three specialized streams leading to IIPS Certification. 

Start Date

3 October 2024


6 weeks


Online, in our digital classroom

This course aims to equip business or operational specialists on IIP system design teams with the knowledge to answer these questions:

  • How do current market conditions (problem definition, participant incentives, customer demand, existing initiatives) affect the choices in timing and planning of an IIPS launch?
  • To achieve inclusive and interoperable outcomes, what needs to be considered in IIPS design with regards to scheme governance, operations, and economics, and why?
  • What options are there for ownership, participation, operations, final settlement, product design, and fee setting?

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