Inclusive, Instant & Interoperable: Beyond Finance*

IIPS Program

Inclusive, Instant & Interoperable: Beyond Finance


A 4-week online course. This is a paced course, which is offered twice a year. This course offers a broader perspective on inclusivity, instantly and interoperability. It´s not part of the IIPS Certification.  

*Students who have passed one IIPS specialization course are eligible to enroll in this seminar. 

Start Date

31 August 2023


4- weeks


Online, in our digital classroom

This course is designed for professionals who want to develop a more strategic understanding of the key IIPS objectives of inclusiveness, speed and interoperability. The course explores how to: 

  • Develop a deeper conceptual understanding of the implications of seeking to make your service more inclusive, instant & interoperable, in terms of both opportunities and challenges 
  • Understand how these aspects are treated in other sectors beyond financial services; what can we learn from these other sectors? 

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